I am the rolling God

- Basketball is life 🏀🙌
- Nike❤️
- College Flow
- Focused on getting what I desire and deserve
- 420 friendly
-Mcdoobulus = Rolling God
- Nothing but the best Budz

Permalink Chillin watching the turtles, cuz my mom gave mine away 😩
Permalink "I think therefore I am"
- Socrates
Permalink Shinned myself hard, but landed 2 kick flips and 2 frontside 180s!
Permalink Lol it’s #420 and my phones bout to die, but I have this beautiful scene.
See you guys later 😁
Permalink Not impressed
Permalink Yup #Grubbin
Permalink So this is what’s on my phone! There are a lot more!! #WTF -_- they cool tho…
Permalink So if these only come out in GS sizes I’ll be angry
#AJ13Reflective #AJ13 #3M
Permalink Finished my #FirstExam I’m sure I just Aced that bitch!!!
Permalink You know you love some chocolate, señorita!
#LatinaWomen #Perfection